Saturday, 29 January 2011

Taking clarity power all the way.

If you have had a glimpse of your innate clarity power, the clear intelligence that is obvious when you stop thinking just for a moment, then that is a wonderful thing. If you are experiencing increasing mental and emotional stability on a daily basis then, hurrah! If you are having keen insight into the nature of your experience then this is a sure sign of growing familiarity with clarity intelligence.

If you really want to take the recognition of clarity power all the way then immerse yourself in the complete support of the Four Mainstays and take it all the way. Claim your birthright of beneficial clarity and enjoy the Era Of Great Benefit.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Your afflictive states are the key to tapping into clarity power. Your anger, your sadness, your irritation or confusion are potent with beneficial energy when left exactly as they are. This is directly recognised in a short moment of allowing these surges of energy to do whatever they are doing without indulging, avoiding or replacing them. These states are power houses of heart bursting compassion and the clear light of clarity. As soon as you start to do anything with them then you are lost in an world of endless descriptions, swallowed up by all of the elaborate stories that immediately proliferate.

Stand tall as clarity amidst the flow of unpredictable points of view, unflinching in your commitment to clarity for the benefit of all.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Shining Clarity

Seize the power of your own mind! Blow wide-open all of your pre-conceptions of what you are capable of with the pure potency of clarity. Shatter all illusions with the lightning bolt of brilliant recognition of exactly the way things really are. Shine the bright light of clarity on every one of your adopted assumptions about what is going on. Go right to the heart of the matter in every short moment of shining clarity. Do not settle for anything other than the total empowerment of yourself, fearless and ferocious and completely capable of incredible benefit.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Direct encounter

It is only in the direct encounter with all of our experience that we have the opportunity to come to deeply know the inseparable nature of whatever is occurring from the basic state. As long as we are still engaged in the conventional approach of continually micromanaging every experience, holding on to the good ones and trying to avoid the bad, then this inseparability will never be more than a rather nice concept. It is only when we decide to face everything fully, whilst firmly rooted in clarity and its support network that the indivisible nature of everything is directly recognised. In this recognition of the way things really are is the power to be of great benefit both to yourself and everyone and everything in your life as you blow open all adopted frames of reference.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The importance of support

To try and take short moments of clarity on your own can bring relief to many situations but at other times can also seem very challenging. With the support of a trainer, a wealth of training material and a world-wide community the recognition of clarity on a moment to moment basis becomes much easier. When you are completely supported then there is no way that you can go wrong, no possibility of holing up in some obscure point of view. Instead you are empowered to take clear, decisive, compassionate action that is of benefit to all.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Your points of view are precious gems! Each experience is a unique opportunity to extract the clarity power inherent in all situations. A wonderful chance to allow everything to be exactly as it is and to demonstrate the practical perfected action of clarity intelligence. This is your clarity intelligence in your everyday experience of life. Not far off, not mysterious or unattainable but immediately accessible in a short moment of relaxed openness.