Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The nature of reality

When you relax for an instant it is obvious the way that all phenomena effortlessly arise and resolve in a seamless uniflow. The spontaneous self-release of the hear-and-now is absolutely guaranteed as is evidenced by the fact that it is impossible to hold on to any thought. Each thought slips into the next without any effort required.

With the help of the global support network at Great Freedom you will find clear directions on how to become completely confident in clarity.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Direct experience

Having an intellectual understanding of the interconnectedness of everything is great. However, it is only when we start to directly experiences the unified nature of all phenomena in daily life that we really start to tap in to the incredible power that we have. This power is the power to bring about radical change that is so obviously needed in the world from the vantage of clarity intelligence.

The simple practice of taking short moments of clarity, repeated many times, until it becomes continuous is guaranteed to bring increasing confidence in clarity. Great Freedom is a worldwide grass-roots movement that empowers and supports people who are interested in becoming confident in clarity and its powers of great benefit. By recognising that clarity is the essence of every perception we cut the root of needing to define ourselves by means of outmoded learned belief systems and instead allow the brilliance of clarity to become more and more obvious. Instead we open up to the unlimited potential of every moment and see what we are really capable of.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Evoking Clarity

There are many pleasant words spoken about clarity or awareness but very few that have the power to directly evoke the instinctive recognition of the fundamental nature of reality. Even when we hear words that resonate deeply it is essential that these initial insights be supported with clear instructions on how to stabilise the recognition. If this is not the case then we are likely to become more confused about what we have experienced and to adopt an extreme position or point of view without realising what we are doing.

This is where a global community and support network is vital. By really committing to take short moments of clarity along with the rest of the invaluable support offered by Great Freedom it is absolutely guaranteed that you will find increasing stability in all areas of life.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Repetition, repetition, repetition

Repetition is an incredibly powerful learning tool. It is by repeatedly emphasising the labels and descriptions that we gradually come to believe in an independently existing material "reality" and an independently existing personal identity. From this perspective it is no great surprise that we often feel separate or disconnected.

By repeatedly recognising the wide-open clarity that is the source, essence and fundament of all experience then we gently come to see the already always interconnected nature of all labels and descriptions. It is only by being firm in the commitment to recognise innate clarity for short moments that we see through the myriad of belief systems and descriptive frameworks that we have adopted. Naturally present sky-like clarity has no need for any concept or idea to support itself.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Natural Perfection!

Through taking short moments of really allowing everything to be exactly as it is, the inseparable nature of everything from the basic state of clarity is directly experienced. The seamless flow of all phenomena is obvious once we relax the obsessive habit of describing, analysing or elaborating fleeting appearances. The fact that everything rests equally in natural perfection that transcends all descriptive frameworks is not something that can be easily grasped intellectually but it is something that can be directly experienced in a short moment of relaxation. From the vantage of relaxed clarity we are able to take action that is of powerful benefit as we see that the display of phenomena is the opportunity demonstrate the powers of practical perfected action.

Friday, 20 August 2010

The support of the community

The support of a global community of people dedicated to relying on clarity is essential. This along with the guidance of a clear teacher and texts that directly evoke the instinctive recognition of clarity form the necessary framework for increasing confidence in clarity. Along with the always available tool of "short moments" of clarity, these four supports or mainstays prevent us becoming sidetracked down one of the many tributaries of awareness.

Without this steady support there is no way that I could have remained as steadfastly rooted in the beneficial flow of clarity. Thank you to everyone that contributes in so many skilful ways to this global clarity society.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Natural Perfection?

When I came across this teaching one of the questions that I had was "How is it possible that all of my thoughts, emotions and experiences are naturally perfect?"

It seemed to me that so many of my thoughts, emotions and experiences were obviously signs of my imperfection and the imperfection of others and the world in general. After all I became angry, sad, irritated, bored on a regular basis and I saw that this was the case for everyone else as well. I could see so much injustice and violence in the world and certainly couldn't see how this was an indication of anything other than the fundamentally flawed nature of life and human society.

The first thing that I began to see was how I always had a choice in every moment. It was always the same choice and didn't depend on what I was thinking or how I was feeling or even who I was with. This choice was the choice to relax for a short moment and to recognise the natural presence of sky-like clarity. As it became apparent that I did always have this choice, no matter what was going on, then it also began to dawn on me that every situation was perfect for me to make this choice. This was always the case no matter how I how I described what was going on.

This was amazing as for the first time there was something that was quiet incredible about my feelings of anxiety, nervousness or self-doubt. It was seen that they were in fact an opportunity to rely on clarity. They weren't something that I had to spiral down into a vicious circle of further introspection about but became opportunities to relax for a short moment. My confidence has effortlessly grown that I can in fact leave these so called afflictive states and negative emotions exactly as they are and that when I do this they really don't have the power over me that I thought they did. I began to see through the mass of belief systems and conceptual frameworks that I had built up around them and there was immediately a greater sense of ease.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Who you are doesn't require the support of any conceptual framework or idea. The open-hearted clarity that is the basis of all experience is naturally present, wide-open like a cloudless sky. Once this is recognised then the whole search for identity relaxes. This in itself is a great relief but the true wonder is to discover the inseparability of clarity from the ability to act with compassion and skill in all situations. This is the demonstration of clarity in everyday life.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Decision making

Once we recognise the nature of all experience to be like a rainbow appearing in the sky then we immediately have a more relaxed approach to decision making. If we have never been able to hold on to any perception and realise that the only place to find completely stability and well-being is in relying on clarity then immediately we have a different perspective on all experience. To see that complete well-being is accessible right now, just by relaxing the need to describe everything that is going on, then we also see that our well-being does not depend on the outcome of any decision.

By relaxing it is clearly seen that decisions and solutions effortlessly arise in the same space of wide-open clarity as all other perceptions. Clarity intelligence is already the case, permeating each moment with its brilliant light, relax and notice that this is the case.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Clarity society

The power we have when we come together to create a society based on clarity is amazing. By taking responsibility for extracting the power from all our viewpoints we access a powerful intelligence that is not restricted by conventional frameworks or approaches. The problem solving capacity of innate clarity can be applied to any sphere of human activity, to any part of your life. By relaxing for a short moment we allow the spontaneous creative brilliance of clarity to become obvious in a very practical way. All situations are approached with an openness and ease that allows true innovation. This is demonstrated in the way that we relate to ourselves, other people and the challenges that we face in life. By supporting each other in this most important of choices we are bringing about the radical change that is so clearly needed. It is the simple choice between a world based on fear and greed and a society grounded in the mutual respect inherent in natural clarity. Each short moment of clarity you take contributes to this powerful force for change.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Natural benefit

How amazing to discover that our natural condition is one of open-hearted benefit!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

One simple change makes life easy

I used to be very hard on myself. Constantly analysing and picking apart everything I said or did. I was always trying to work out what people had thought about me, whether they found me attractive or funny or clever or cool. It was very rare that I thought I measured up to my high expectations of how I should be. Not surprisingly, I was also very judgemental and critical of other people.

Through a growing confidence in clarity I have seen how painful and unnecessary this approach is. Through simply allowing everything to be exactly as it is for a short moment, the true nature of all experience is revealed in a very direct way. I recognised that none of these fleeting appearances were anything that I needed to make a big deal out of, the perspective that I had always known to be the case was suddenly more obvious in day to day life. This is the one simple change that makes life easy.

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Global Community

The prospects for a society based on mutual respect and the problem solving capacity of clarity become apparent every time we take a short moment to recognise our own innate clarity. By repeating this recognition we see that clarity cuts the root of all conventional belief systems and approaches to life. From uncontrived openness we are empowered to respond with spontaneous intelligence that is naturally all inclusive and effortlessly of benefit to all. From uncontrived openness relating becomes easy as the need to assert or prove ourselves relaxes and there is an open-hearted care-free approach to all situations. What is most incredible is to see how from uncontrived openness how effective we can be. When we are no longer constrained by all the learned knowledge that we have accumulated then we can act decisively and with great clarity and allow true innovation that can benefit many to effortlessly arise.

Check it out, see for yourself. Stop thinking, just for a moment....notice the clarity that remains.