Monday, 9 August 2010

Clarity society

The power we have when we come together to create a society based on clarity is amazing. By taking responsibility for extracting the power from all our viewpoints we access a powerful intelligence that is not restricted by conventional frameworks or approaches. The problem solving capacity of innate clarity can be applied to any sphere of human activity, to any part of your life. By relaxing for a short moment we allow the spontaneous creative brilliance of clarity to become obvious in a very practical way. All situations are approached with an openness and ease that allows true innovation. This is demonstrated in the way that we relate to ourselves, other people and the challenges that we face in life. By supporting each other in this most important of choices we are bringing about the radical change that is so clearly needed. It is the simple choice between a world based on fear and greed and a society grounded in the mutual respect inherent in natural clarity. Each short moment of clarity you take contributes to this powerful force for change.

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