Friday, 27 August 2010

Direct experience

Having an intellectual understanding of the interconnectedness of everything is great. However, it is only when we start to directly experiences the unified nature of all phenomena in daily life that we really start to tap in to the incredible power that we have. This power is the power to bring about radical change that is so obviously needed in the world from the vantage of clarity intelligence.

The simple practice of taking short moments of clarity, repeated many times, until it becomes continuous is guaranteed to bring increasing confidence in clarity. Great Freedom is a worldwide grass-roots movement that empowers and supports people who are interested in becoming confident in clarity and its powers of great benefit. By recognising that clarity is the essence of every perception we cut the root of needing to define ourselves by means of outmoded learned belief systems and instead allow the brilliance of clarity to become more and more obvious. Instead we open up to the unlimited potential of every moment and see what we are really capable of.

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