Sunday, 1 August 2010

Global Community

The prospects for a society based on mutual respect and the problem solving capacity of clarity become apparent every time we take a short moment to recognise our own innate clarity. By repeating this recognition we see that clarity cuts the root of all conventional belief systems and approaches to life. From uncontrived openness we are empowered to respond with spontaneous intelligence that is naturally all inclusive and effortlessly of benefit to all. From uncontrived openness relating becomes easy as the need to assert or prove ourselves relaxes and there is an open-hearted care-free approach to all situations. What is most incredible is to see how from uncontrived openness how effective we can be. When we are no longer constrained by all the learned knowledge that we have accumulated then we can act decisively and with great clarity and allow true innovation that can benefit many to effortlessly arise.

Check it out, see for yourself. Stop thinking, just for a moment....notice the clarity that remains.

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