Thursday, 29 July 2010

My experience of the Human Identity Summit

Participating in the Human Identity Summit has benefited me in so many ways. It was so powerful to see that the slight unease I has still subtly felt around certain viewpoints to do with sex and relationships are also fine to be left exactly as they are. When left like this then I can really extract the power from them. Once recognised as the dynamic liveliness of clarity then instead of being something that can cause tension or unease they are instead full of potent benefit. Seeing beyond the conventional frameworks that I tried to use to understand and define my identity and my experience is always incredible and by shining the bright light of clarity into all the unnoticed corners then we become absolutely clear as to the nature of all view points. It was interesting to see how there were still subtle viewpoints that I was still giving power to define who I was and how I should behave.

It is in the lighting up of these viewpoints that true power is found, for the less encumbered by learned belief systems we are the more free we are to respond with complete openness in any situation, whatever that situation might be. The less we need to reference what is going on to some fictitious identity that we have adopted then the easier it is to be with ourselves and with other people. I feel so much more at ease with myself as I grow in confidence in clarity, nothing to prove, nothing to attain just the natural unfolding of beneficial qualities and activities in everyday life.

In my work I see again and again how potent relying on clarity is. Clarity allows for the effortless assimilation and analysis of all available data or information. From the vantage of clarity everything is seen clearly and since nothing can distract from clarity then nothing can prevent the spontaneous appearance of solution orientated benefit. This perspective allows for effortless adaptation to the continuously changing situation we find ourselves in and this is particularly so in the work environment. There is nothing that can slow for even an instant the potent flow of clarity
benefit and this is demonstrated in practical ways in all areas of my life.

What has been most incredible about the Summit has been the blasting open of so many conventional ideas regarding the capacity to be of benefit. I am now clear that it really is up to me to decide how I want to spend my life. It is also clear exactly how much capacity to be of benefit we have as human beings. We are not limited by anything, not even our imaginations and as the free flowing display of clarity benefit becomes brighter and brighter this is apparent in my direct experience.

Together we are creating a clarity revolution that is gently yet powerfully sweeping the globe. I feel so fortunate to be on this amazing adventure with all of you and to know my identity as brilliant clarity.

You can watch some of the amazing videos from the Human Identity Summit here

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