Friday, 9 July 2010


The sheer joy of recognising that everything, right now, is perfectly complete exceeds all expectations. The only way that this can be recognised is to pause your descriptive train of thought, just for an instant, and simply relax. Nothing needs to change for this instinctive recognition to take place and this option is available to you right now. There is nothing in the way, nothing that needs to be unblocked or fixed or altered in any way for this already present perceptual openness to be noticed.

With this recognition comes total clarity regarding the nature of all experience, all phenomena, including the experience of "I". With the acknowledgement of clarity as the basis for all perceptions, short moment by short moment, comes the realisation of just how painful it is to obsessively emphasise the experience of "I". When we see that "I" is simply another bright appearance of luminous clarity then we immediately have a balanced view on exactly what is really going on.

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