Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Decision making

Once we recognise the nature of all experience to be like a rainbow appearing in the sky then we immediately have a more relaxed approach to decision making. If we have never been able to hold on to any perception and realise that the only place to find completely stability and well-being is in relying on clarity then immediately we have a different perspective on all experience. To see that complete well-being is accessible right now, just by relaxing the need to describe everything that is going on, then we also see that our well-being does not depend on the outcome of any decision.

By relaxing it is clearly seen that decisions and solutions effortlessly arise in the same space of wide-open clarity as all other perceptions. Clarity intelligence is already the case, permeating each moment with its brilliant light, relax and notice that this is the case.


  1. but toby,that doesn't help me decide!!!!!

  2. Being consumed with the point of view that our well-being depends on the outcome of a particular decision is always and angst ridden position, where we feel slightly desparate and worried. Why not just relax for a short moment and cut through this story at the root?

  3. amazingly powerful! i rest and realise that i have more choices than i thought.

    thanks Toby