Saturday, 18 June 2011


Attempts to cultivate compassion are always frustrating and a struggle. We try to be good and to help others but are often so consumed by all our thoughts and emotions about what we are doing and what other people are thinking that it seems impossible to know what will be really effective.

From the vantage of open intelligence, that is the basis of all our thoughts, sensations and emotions, we see everything clearly, exactly as it is. By gaining confidence that this is the basis of all our experience and the reliable ground through which everything is known then we tap into an amazing source of natural compassion and spontaneous ethics. We discover in our own experience the glue that effortlessly unites everything in its warm embrace and are able to act skilfully in all situations with dignity and openness.

To gain confidence in this, the practice of taking short moments of allowing all of the data to be just as they are and to begin to emphasise the natural presence of open intelligence, is incredibly supportive and convincing. The Balanced View is a grass-roots movement of people from all around the world that are committed to challenging all of the conventional assumptions about what it means to be human and what the basis of all relating actually is.

With the free support network that is offered gaining confidence in open intelligence becomes easy. Relating is based on the mutual respect and gratitude that is inherent in each uncontrived short moment and the compassion that seemed so elusive is found to be spontaneously present. We discover that altruism is the natural state of all humans and gaining confidence in open intelligence allows us to experience this directly for ourselves in everyday life.

What a marvel this is!

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