Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Evaluating Information

There is a massive amount of information about all kinds of things available via the internet and other media. What is essential when evaluating this information is basic discernment. Look at the effects of this information on the groups that are sharing it. Instead of deciding whether you like the sound of something that is shared, actually look at the results it produces in those that hear it.

You might ask yourself questions like:

Does this information empower people to take responsibility for their actions?

Does this information encourage active participation in building a society that is based on mutual respect and understanding?

Does this information provide clear instructions for how you can recognise your ability to contribute your incredible strengths, gifts and talents for the benefit of all?

Are the people who are sharing this information actually demonstrating these activities and qualities in all aspects of life?

Does this information include a reliable support network that allows for these important steps to be integrated into your everyday life?

If you cannot clearly answer "yes" to all of these questions then keep looking until you do find an information source that does satisfy these essential requirements.

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