Monday, 15 August 2011


What a relief to be able to take responsibility for the way that we are in the world. How empowering to be able to set an example of peaceful ease in all circumstances. To allow ourselves to feel everything fully and not to flinch in the face of the unpredictable flow of data but instead to remain steadfast in the open intelligence that is the foundation of all experience.

This is obviously so incredibly important at this time in human history. We see all around us the results of the knee-jerk reaction of people to what is happening both with their own thoughts, emotions and sensations and to the events in society and the wider environment. The culture of judgement, criticism and blame that is still prevalent never leads anywhere other than more judgement, criticism and blame. By clearly seeing that you have never actually been a victim to any of this data you take a stand for what it really means to be human and demonstrate the capacity that we all have to relate with openness and understanding and to bring a solution oriented approach to all aspects of life.

This is the most radical, revolutionary and beneficial step you can ever take and the Balanced View global community is here to support you in every way. Blow open all the conventional assumptions of what it means to be human and what human society is intended to be. It's time to get real!

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