Thursday, 19 November 2009


With the simple practice of short moments of instinctively recognising our own innate clarity we can finally take responsibility for ourselves.

I know that I had always wanted to make a difference with my life, that I wanted to really be of benefit to humanity and the planet. With a growing confidence in the innate clarity that is the source of each and every perception I am finally able to actually see how I can best contribute my time and energy in a way that makes an immediate difference. At first we see the way that clarity is more and more the case with the effortless ease and decisive action in our personal lives. This very quickly expands to become evident in all of our interactions and actions.

We see through the way that we have limited ourselves and what we are capable of by buying into all the descriptions and labels about who we are. All the energy that was caught up in trying to maintain and live up to the endless ideas and concepts of what we can achieve is immediately released. The natural outlet for all of this energy when we are no longer obsessively focused on our own already assured well-being is in how we can help others and what we can contribute.

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