Monday, 27 September 2010

Global clarity network

The power we have when we work together is something that most people already know. When we blast open the myriad of descriptive frameworks we have used to try and contrive the ways in which we can contribute and cooperate then we discover a whole new order of beneficial activity.

By tapping in to the global support network of Great Freedom what you discover is a group of people completely dedicated to supporting each other in relying on clarity. By seeing that we do have the ability to extract the power from each of our own experiences we know decisively that this is something that other people are also capable of. Each circumstance becomes the perfect opportunity to recognise the brilliance of clarity intelligence and it's innate compassion, strength and beneficial responsiveness. We all know how normal it is for us to want the best for other people. It's time to stop blaming others for the problems that we see in the world and actually begin to take responsibility for ourselves.

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