Sunday, 5 September 2010


Each moment is unique, fresh and new. The content of our experience is continually changing and yet underpinning it all is the vastness of sky-like clarity, constant and completely reliable. By emphasising clarity rather than only the contents of our experience we discover something quite incredible. What we discover is the stable ground of all our experience, the constant amongst all the ceaseless flow of fleeting appearances, naturally present and unwavering.

When we begin to rely on this clarity then we see how easily we are able to respond with warmth, openness and piercing intelligence in any situation, we are no longer confined by having to conform to all our conventional frames of reference. We directly experience what real freedom is and the fundamental nature of all our experience is directly recognised. Each moment has the same potential, each moment is an opportunity to recognise what is already the case. Short moment by short moment, gently touch in with this openness and see for yourself.

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