Friday, 10 September 2010


What a relief to discover that we don't need to believe anything that we have been told about who we are or what we need to do to be OK. When we relax for a short moment we find something that we can really count on, something that we can really trust, our own direct experience of sky-like clarity. This direct, instinctive recognition of the stable ground of all experience is completely convincing and blows open the need to try and pin down or hold on to any fleeting appearance. Instead, when we repeat this simple recognition, we see that we can be more and more comfortable with the unpredictable flow of experience, however it looks. Great freedom is freedom in the immediate perception of everything exactly as it is. It is about getting real with ourselves about exactly what is the true nature of our experience, seeing that with clear guidance and support we have everything we need to gain confidence in the clarity that is the essence of every moment.

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